Congratulations! Holding your ceremony in Scotland gives you complete choice for the location, content and style of your ceremony, and we will celebrate YOU, YOUR BELIEFS, and YOUR LOVE, in whatever ways are most meaningful for you.

Fàilte!  Welcome to our website which tells you everything you need to know about weddings and relationship related ceremony such as elopements, handfasting and vow renewals.

What faith or beliefs are important to you?

As interfaith celebrants we work with you to create a ceremony which honours your personal beliefs whatever they are, whether religious, spiritual, moral or philosophical - we honour all faiths and no faith and are inclusive in our approach.

What kind of ceremony would you like?

Whether you choose to legally marry with family and friends present, elope just the two of you, renew your vows, handfast or go green, you can enjoy as traditional or alternative a format of ceremony as you wish, and we assure you of a prompt, helpful and friendly response at all times. 

You have freedom!

William Wallace famously said “they’ll never take our freedom!” and Scotland retains its rebellious streak giving you the freedom to hold your ceremony HOW you’d like, and WHERE you’d like.  So we’re interested to hear your ideas, or if you haven't got that far yet, we can suggest ideas, and we’ll do our utmost to guide you and accommodate your wants and wishes.

Flexible wedding ceremony

Your ceremony can take place indoors or outdoors at the location of your choice, and you can include those elements in your ceremony that are personal and fitting for you – whether religious, spiritual, mixed faith, inclusive, humanistic or non-religious - you choose the wording, ritual and music, and of course personal or traditional vows. This applies whether you opt to have your ceremony be legally binding or not.  

You only need one legal ceremony 

For opposite sex marriage you only need to have the one ceremony held by us in Scotland for it to be legally recognized the world over.  For same sex marriage you only need to have the one ceremony held by us in Scotland for it be legally recognized by countries which recognize same sex marriage.  We have a same sex page on this website and also a dedicated LGBTQI+ website.

We’re happy to answer your questions

For information about ceremony please look at 'Wedding Overview' for weddings with guests, 'Handfastings' for any kind of hand tying, 'Weddings for Two' for elopements, and 'Vow Renewals' for any kind of re-dedication of your relationship. If you would like to know more about us personally, please look at the 'About Us' page.  We're here to help and make your dreams come true, so please drop us a line or give us a call.  Enjoy looking at the site!  

Angie    Will     Jane 

The Getting Married In Scotland Team

We offer you freedom and choice to include only those elements in your ceremony that are personal and meaningful to you - whether religious, spiritual, mixed faith, inclusive, humanist or non-religious, the main thing is that you get to choose.








"The part I love most of the whole day is the ceremony and the decision to ask you to conduct the ceremony was, without doubt, one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life."

Traditional Scottish Wedding
Traditional Weddings

Have a traditional but personal ceremony in a church, or a traditional ceremony in a more informal setting.

Alternative Wedding
Alternative Weddings

If you would like to make your ceremony more unique, we also offer alternative wedding ceremonies.

We would love to hear from you to help with your
Wedding - Vow Renewal - Handfasting - Elopement

Scottish Same Sex Couple
Same Sex Ceremony

We believe in equal rights and have a page on this website 'Same Sex Marriage In Scotland', and a dedicated website

Vow Renewal Scotland
Vow Renewals

Whatever season your marriage is in, we'd love to help you celebrate your love and renew your vows.


Including a handfasting ritual as part of a personalised ceremony is a popular choice.

Wedding For Two Scotland
Weddings for Two

If you'll elope or have a wedding just for the two of you we can help with whatever you need - legal witnesses? beautiful, out of the way spots?