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Whatever having an ‘alternative’ ceremony means to you, we can offer you a wedding ceremony that both speaks to your hearts, and is engaging for you and any family or friends in attendance.  We encourage all couples who’d like to, to come up with their own definitions of marriage or commitment or togetherness.  We’re interested in hearing what being together means to you both now as you decide to marry and take your relationship to the next level, and also into the future.  We invite you to have as much input as you wish to in your ceremony.

We support you to define your own personal beliefs if beliefs are important to you.  We don’t try to convert you to our beliefs, or fit you ‘in a box’ or insist you agree to include wording or symbology you don't like or agree with as a condition of us marrying you.  Whether you consider yourselves non-religious or religious, spiritual or atheist or humanist, or anywhere within the vast spectrum of beliefs in-between we can help you as we take into account your beliefs whatever they are and create your ceremony in a way that fits both your beliefs and those of any family/friends present too.

We offer complete freedom and flexibility with every aspect of your ceremony.  We don’t tell you what you can or can’t have – we extend an invitation to you to tell us exactly what you’d like (giving suggestions as needed), giving you the freedom to choose every aspect of your ceremony from atmosphere, to length, and whether it’s to be creative or include elements of tradition.  There are no restrictions imposed by us - just the limit of your imagination as you’re free to use the wording and ritualistic elements that most speak to your hearts.​

We love to celebrate difference and we love to honour tradition - everything has its place.  We have yet to be asked to include something in a ceremony that we felt uncomfortable with.  You have our assurance that only those elements that mean something to you will be part of your ceremony – nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. You have our absolute word and guarantee that your ceremony on the day will be only and exactly what you’d like and need; to ensure this we ask you to read and approve your ceremony beforehand, then make any changes needed.

“I just knew when I found you that you were the right person to hold our ceremony, and when I read through the ceremony the first time it was more than I hoped for and more than perfect.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t have written it any differently – how did you know?”