Did you know there are so many castles in Aberdeenshire that there is a Castle Trail?

Autumnal Weddings


There's something that feels very cosy about an Autumn wedding and they are often really beautiful, especially if you love trees.  Brides and grooms to be, often choose rich oranges, reds, browns and yellows as their colour scheme, and outfits and floral and harvest arrangements match.  Some decorate the indoors with autumnal colours, but some even go as far as choosing an outdoor location to surround themselves with colour in nature.


Applying to be legally married in Scotland is easy if you have the necessary paperwork to hand and can adhere to the specific timings - you cannot apply more than three calendar months before, and no later than 29 days before.  Some couples have found it time consuming to bring together all the paperwork needed to apply, but if you do everything you need to do in advance, it's then very simple to include the necessary legal elements as part of your ceremony on the day, so read on to find out what's involved.