Ceremony Fees

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Alternative Wedding Ceremony
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Our fees reflect the time, care, energy and experience that go into creating and holding your ceremony, and the freedom and flexibility that we can offer.  When comparing costs be aware you may not be comparing like with like.  We offer you the choice of a very comprehensive and thorough period of preparation if that suits you, with as much input to the creation of your ceremony as you'd like, or you can keep the preparations very light and simple.

Like most if not all independent celebrants we are completely self employed whereas registrars are salaried and employed by the local council, and religious clergy are mostly what's known as stipendiary which means they usually receive some kind of package from their organisation which could include some or all of a house, car, secretary and salary.

Ceremony is our passion and our chosen profession and we make ourselves available full time for traditional ministry in an alternative way – along with funerals and baby naming ceremonies, this is how we earn our living.  We also run a 5 year diary so if it will set your mind at rest to have made your booking well in advance, we can help.

The deposit is the same for all ceremonies and just £100 will secure your date.

Jane is based near Edinburgh, Angie near Forres inbetween Inverness and Aberdeen, and whilst we're very happy to travel a distance to hold your ceremony please note that travel expenses are in addition to ceremony fees.

The most we can realistically travel to and from a location in one day, as well as holding the ceremony / taking your photographs, is around 2-2.5hours drive each way.  Should we need to stay over the night before or the night after in order to hold your ceremony (and take your photos if booking Angie with Will), there is an overnight surcharge of £100 added to the ceremony fee.  Also we ask that you pay reasonable on the road and overnight expenses ie meals on the road and DB&B.

“We can’t thank you enough.  You worked at such short notice and prepared such a personal and perfect ceremony for us.  It was worth every penny!  Thank you!”