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You can have a 'green' or 'eco-friendly' or 'natural' wedding celebration, indoors or outdoors, however and wherever you’d like, and we're interested in what having a 'green' wedding will mean for YOU?  Many brides and grooms opt for an outdoor ceremony, perhaps in a woodland, in a garden or on a beach, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a green wedding - for example, if not having a Plan B, couples might buy lots of cheap umbrellas or disposable plastic ponchos in case of rain, so you can be out in nature, but not necessarily be environmentally careful or mindful.

Marrying outside sounds very green as an idea, but sometimes with all the materials needed to make guests comfortable and escalating wedding day costs, some green ideas get dropped in favour of cheaper, less green options.  Is it possible to ‘walk lightly on the earth’ and leave no sign of your ceremony afterwards? A marquee in the middle of winter with lots of heaters is clearly not as green as a lochside in summer.

You want to go green, so do you opt to have the small and intimate wedding ceremony you really want in Scotland just the two of you, thereby saving lots of air and roadmiles by not having your family travel, and then have a blessing and party with all your family and friends locally on your return?  Or do you arrange a big wedding in Scotland and arrange a coach to transport them altogether?  It’s hard to avoid the airmiles and roadmiles when families come together as these days it’s not unusual for family members to live miles apart, or for couples to choose somewhere unusual away from home as a location to marry.

As far as a 'green ceremony' goes, some brides and grooms who love nature opt to include blessings for the earth, and readings and/or songs which are nature inspired.  Others love the idea of a full handfasting ceremony which is very sacred and honouring of nature. It’s possible to include ritual and wording from any indigenous or earth based tradition, because your ceremony is all about what is meaningful for you.

If you’d like more ideas for the content of your ceremony
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“Many thanks for your help in creating a beautiful ceremony for our wedding day.  Many of the guests seem to have been genuinely inspired by the service.  It was a perfect day which turned out exactly as we’d hoped.”
PAUL AND LUCY chose a Tailor-made ceremony led by Angie