Meanginful Marriage for ALL in Scotland

Same Sex Wedding Candle Lighting Ritual
Findhorn Beach Outdoor Same Sex Wedding
Findhorn Beach Same Sex Wedding

As Interfaith Ministers and Marriage Celebrants we refuse to discriminate in any shape or form, and absolutely not on account of what gender you are and who you fall in love with and choose to spend the rest of your life with.

We are delighted that Scotland's already progressive marriage laws have evolved to allow any couples who wish to be LEGALLY married by us, to have a beautiful, meaningful ceremony HOWEVER and WHEREVER they wish.

This means that we can now offer same sex and opposite sex couples the same options of a ceremony or marriage which is religious or spiritual, partly religious or spiritual, or humanistic or atheist, held indoors or outdoors at the location of choice.

LGBTQ couples can choose to have a religious or non religious legal ceremony of marriage, or a religious or non religious civil partnership.  There is lots more information on our dedicated same sex website