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Whether you're looking for a bespoke tailor-made ceremony, something really simple and basic, or a personal ceremony somewhere inbetween, we can help.  It’s our goal to make sure that your ceremony is the least of your worries preparation wise; that you can relax knowing that we will guide you and let you know what you need to do when, and that the end result will be a ceremony according to your wishes whatever they are.

With every ceremony we give you suggestions and ideas as needed, and you can choose to include only those elements that mean something to you to have included, like –

- personal (legal) vows with a ring/gift exchange

- music to begin and end, or during the ceremony too

- ritual like a hand tying, sharing a drink from a quaich, candle lighting or sand pouring

- readings of your choice and who takes part in those 

- something of your story from meeting to marriage if you like that idea

You can choose as much or as little guest participation as you feel fitting depending on who will be present at your ceremony - we have both fun and serious ideas for guest involvement.  And if you have children already we can explore how they can be involved in the ceremony if that would be important to you beyond giving them a mention.  We also invite you to share something about you - why you're choosing to get married, what you love about each other, what you hope for from your future married life.  

Having your input helps us to make your ceremony personal and an authentic reflection of you, which is what we hope every aspect of your day is all about.  So whether you're an alternative or rock'n'roll bride looking for something different, or a couple who have differing beliefs looking for something quite traditional but personal, or you have no particular beliefs and no clear idea yet what you want, please get in touch for a no obligation chat or more information.

“Angie made us feel that our day was the most important day, she allowed time and effort to meet with us and hear our stories about how we met, what we meant to each other and got to know us as individuals, as well as a couple.  Angie allowed for us to choose the way we wanted the ceremony to be and what we wanted to include - this we both felt was an invaluable quality and something which made our special day that extra bit more special.  We were overwhelmed by Angie’s ability to interpret how we felt about each other and to put this across to all out family and friends, it was very much and honour to have Angie be a part of the day and we thank her deeply.”
LAURA AND SANDY chose a Themed ceremony led by Angie