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We feel passionate about offering people choice in the way they celebrate life’s big occasions and so we offer traditional ceremonies in an alternative way – weddings, funerals and memorials, and baby namings.

Rather than holding ceremony for you full of doctrine and dogma which feels in conflict with your own personal beliefs we create all ceremonies using your personal beliefs as a starting place.

We also offer ceremonies that are more unusual to have, but much appreciated by those who have them – ceremonies of divorce and separation for example, or house blessings.

Find out more about general ceremony by Angie or email Angie for an information sheet.

Find out more about general ceremony by Jane or email Jane for an information sheet.

For Gay Marriage Ceremony for LGBTQ couples

For general ceremony including namings and funerals for LGBTQ couples and family members

“What a wonderful, wonderful day.  It all went really, really well and was moving and funny and sweet and important all at once.”
PAUL AND LUCY had a Baby Naming for their two year old

"We asked Angie to perform an Alternative Christening for our son Shae as we were impressed at the service she delivered for my uncle and now aunty's wedding.  Angie helped us a lot with providing the information she needed by asking us questions which really made us think deeply about what we wanted for Shae regarding his upbringing.  Angie then made a very unique and personal ceremony for Shae.  Angie made everyone feel very welcome and delivered the ceremony in a very relaxed, calm and friendly manner making Shae's day extremely special, exceeding our already high expectations.  Everyone remarked on such a wonderful ceremony and we felt very grateful that the ceremony made the whole day so special.”
MEGAN AND GREIG had an Alternative Christening for their three month old

“Billy would have been proud of you and what you did for him.  Thank you for such a personal funeral.  It was so much about him that everyone said how fitting it had been.  A refreshing change from past experiences of funerals just being about the almighty – this was actually about him.”
Billy’s Family and Friends

“Everyone who came back after the funeral, without exception, expressed what a lovely ceremony it had been.  It was perfect for Elaine and uplifting for us, as it really was a tribute to her and an honouring of her life.  We take great comfort in that it was just what Elaine would have wanted.”
Elaine’s Family and Friends