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The advantage of having a tiny wedding just the two of you, is that you can do whatever you’d like both on the day and during the ceremony.  Occasionally couples feel a little self conscious about expressing their own undiluted spiritual beliefs or very personal vows in front of others, or they know that their beliefs are very different to the beliefs of their families which they’re concerned might cause their families some discomfort, or the couple extra nerves.

A disadvantage of not having family or friends present might mean you miss them on the day and feel sad that they’re not there, or equally it could be a relief as not having guests to worry about takes a lot of pressure off the day which appeals to some couples.  Not having guests can also save on financial outlay. 

Having a ceremony and day to fulfil all your needs in Scotland, followed by a ceremony of blessing with a party and celebration on your return back home with family and friends, is one option which might mean you get to do what you’d like and also keep everyone else happy?  It’s important that however you choose to make your joining official, you don’t feel guilty about doing what you want, or resentful about not doing what you want.

A ceremony for two does mean that there isn’t anyone to delegate to, which could potentially take something away from being taken care of on your big day, which is why we offer to help organize whatever you need as you book things, or set the ceremony up on the day.  On top of the ceremony fee and travel we’re very happy to help with any aspect of your wedding day preparations you would find helpful.  When we get into the realms of finding venues and other aspects of wedding planning we charge an hourly rate for this and would be happy to have a conversation about what you might need. 

In our experience more and more couples are choosing to get married in Scotland just on their own, and to have a visual or audio record of their day to share with loved ones back home at a later date.  So in the North of Scotland Angie works with husband Will to offer the ceremony/photography, and in Edinburgh and the South Jane works with Stuart.  Will and Stuart are also both happy to be legal witnesses as and when needed when taking your photographs.

These ceremony scenarios will give you a tiny insight into those brave Mr and Mrs’s who have gone before you and opted for just the two of them or a very small group.  It will give you some idea of what’s possible, and truly anything’s possible, dreams can come true! -

Nature lovers Charlotte and Elliot chose to marry down by the riverside.  It made for a very special ceremony and their witnesses were Will as their photographer and the Celtic Singer Harpist Iona Leigh who played and sang during the ceremony.  We had a lot of ritual during the ceremony and were able to take our time as there was no-one else to worry about, and we finished the ceremony with ice cold champagne and smoked salmon canapés which tasted even better for being outdoors in such a stunning location right next to the river.

A romantic leap year proposal set the wheels in motion for Cari and Pete’s intimate wedding.  The Roman Camp Hotel has a secret tiny round chapel which accommodated minister and the bride and groom only – Will as photographer had to be in the doorway.  We began our ceremony in front of the fire in the library which was closed to other hotel members for the duration of the ceremony, then made our way into the chapel as part of a ritual.  We helped set up candles and roses for the ceremony, and the hotel arranged champagne on ice for afterwards.

Nick and Caitlin travelled up from Devon for quite a traditional Scottish wedding.  They chose to have a church wedding, with a Bentley car to drive them from the hotel to the church, and on to a local castle after the ceremony for champagne, cake cutting and photographs.

Angie created and held the ceremony and also researched the church, the hotel they stayed in, the car, the flowers, the cake, Will as photographer, someone to do Caitlin’s nails, hair and make up, and the hotel for the honeymoon (Will and the chauffeur were witnesses).

We had two couples meet online after dating nearly thirty years ago, only to find the spark hadn’t ever gone out.  The relationships both progressed quickly with romantic proposals and both chose to travel from England for outdoor weddings in Scotland – one on the beach, and one on the shore of a Loch.  Laura and Tom brought their two witnesses with them and Shannon and Patric didn’t so we helped provide those.  One had no music and one booked a piper.  One had Will as photographer and one didn’t.  But both went to the pub afterwards for a toast!

Jason and Mylie travelled from the US to marry in a ruined castle.  Mylie found Duffus Castle online on Castle Xplorer and set her heart on having her ceremony there.  It was only twelve miles up the road from us so we were able to help with booking the Castle, Will as witness and photographer, a 2nd witness, where to stay and a special celebration meal for them afterwards as they were both vegan.  As part of the preparations Angie travelled to Duffus Castle before Mylie made a decision to marry there, to do a site visit and take photographs to send to Mylie.

It was most meaningful for Dougie and Cath to marry in their own way according to their own definitions of what marriage meant to them.  They thought they wanted a Basic ceremony, but when we discussed what was possible, they were excited to have a very memorable Themed ceremony with ritual they hadn’t previously thought of.  We organized rose petals and tealight candles to decorate the sanctuary, and a bottle of champagne for after the ceremony when they had photos by Will both on the beach and in the grounds of a local castle.  We also organized their 2nd witness.

Bill and Daphne are not the only couple to have come to Scotland from overseas and not told their families that they were intending to marry whilst away.  With it being a second marriage for both of them, they wanted something low key, yet personal and meaningful, with a little Christianity.  We helped them find a ceremony venue and Will took photos – it was important they had photos to show family afterwards.  After the ceremony we took a taxi around the city so they could have special wedding photos against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s historical monuments.

We had an unusual mixture of Celtic and Moroccan for Dan and Houria’s wedding.  A Scottish Piper, feeding one another dates fresh from Morocco, and a handfasting ritual were just some of the elements we included in their ceremony.  We helped them find a venue and they chose Bunchrew House Hotel which has a beautiful setting on the banks of the Beauly Firth.  We helped with all their ritual items and Will as photographer, who along with Houria’s Mum acted as a witness.

Dirk and Tanja travelled from Germany and chose a very quirky fun yet deep ceremony with lots of ritual.  As a wedding present from her parents they were treated to the ceremony, celebration meal and honeymoon night at the fabulous 5* Inverlochy Castle Hotel.  We were able to help with sourcing all the bits and pieces needed for their Themed Nature and Celtic ceremony as they had a quaich ritual, a handfasting ritual, and more.  We were also able to help with Will as a witness and photographer, and providing a music system on which to play their chosen wedding music on an iPod.

Hopefully this illustrates that you can have exactly the ceremony you wish, and if you’d like additional help, you need only ask - it's always fun when a couple chooses to elope!

“We were thrilled with our perfect day.  Marriage was never a priority in our relationship, but when we decided to plan a day to celebrate our love for each other we could never have dreamed it would be so special.  Working with you both seemed so natural and right, and when we stepped into the Sanctuary we were blown away by the special atmosphere you had created.  Everything was exactly how we would have wanted it to be.  We never thought we could have a wedding ‘our way’ but with your support and guidance we had what will always be remembered as one of our most perfect days, and we have the gorgeous photos to remind us!”
DYLAN AND CIARA chose a Themed ceremony led by Angie and photos by Will